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The Making Of #38 From Underneath

Thu Jan 22, 2015, 6:35 AM
From Underneath by WishmasterAlchemist

This is a photo with a purpose: I had IndigoSummerr's Hues of Nature Photography Contest in mind when I was to pick my next shot to post process and submit. I love the contest theme she has chosen and I absolutely wanted to participate with something fresh and new, so I picked this early spring shot that was taken with a falling sun, where the flowers are backlit and the backlight creates this fairy-like effect of translucid petals and dreamy hues of colour.

Once again the colourful bokeh helped me add a magical touch to the general atmosphere of the place where the anemones were blooming, and once again I opted for a square crop because to me this format seems to work well when composing photos of scattered wildflowers among grass blades and other spontaneous plants.

In addition to that, in the post production I enhanced the blue and purple tones, darkened and increased the contrast in the petal and leaf area, and sharpened my image as the final step.

Thank you for reading,

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January 22, 2015


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