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The Making Of #47 Scattered

Wed May 13, 2015, 7:57 AM
Scattered by WishmasterAlchemist

I'll admit that this shot isn't anything special and that the focus on the flower in the foreground could have been better, but there was something enticing in the way the stems are all scattered and pointing in different directions throughout the image. I found the little bud on the left especially cute and indeed loved the colour palette from the beginning, so in the end I published it.

In other news, my job interview is scheduled for tomorrow. I feel calmer that I would have thought, but oh well, I'm not the kind of person that fakes her CV or lies at an interview, so I guess I'm simply feeling confident and relaxed.

Species Name

Wikipedia Favicon by Marcosrstone Ranunculus acris
Flag of United Kingdom by EmilyStor3Flag of United States by EmilyStor3 Meadow Buttercup, Tall Buttercup, Giant Buttercup
Flag of Italy by EmilyStor3 Ranuncolo comune
Flag of France by EmilyStor3 Renoncule âcre, Bouton d'or
Flag of Spain by EmilyStor3 Botón de oro, Hierba belida
Flag of Germany by EmilyStor3 Scharfer Hahnenfuß
Flag of Netherlands by EmilyStor3 Scherpe boterbloem

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Submitted on
May 13, 2015